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A digital award ceremony for the best journalism of the year.

European Press Prize

Skills involved

Visual Design, Motion Design, Video Production, Podcasting

The 2020 Drumscroll was highly praised by the laureates, nominees, jury members, and the event organisers themselves.

European Press Prize

Every year, a jury of acclaimed editors and media experts gathers in offices in London, Amsterdam and Budapest to select the best European journalism of the year across four categories: investigative reporting, distinguished reporting, opinion writing, and innovation.

Once the winners have been picked, there is an annual award ceremony attended by journalists and media organisations from across the entire continent. It’s a celebration of the power of a free and independent press, and an homage to the reporters who protect our democracies from those who benefit from spreading lies.

But, in 2020, in the midst of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, a physical award ceremony was naturally out of the question. So the European Press Prize approached Awe Studio with a daunting challenge: to create a storytelling experience that would do justice to the power and prestige of the award ceremony. This resulted in the production of video-testimonies of the winners, audio fragments, and stunning visuals for the “Drumscroll”.

An immersive multimedia journey

While digital experiences will never replace the power of offline meetups, the 2020 Drumscroll experience surpassed even the highest expectations. Its clever use of multimedia formats and its user-friendly design helped the European Press Prize host an amazing digital award ceremony—one that will not be forgotten any time soon. 

The Drumscroll — European Press Prize
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