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The awesome offshoot of Are We Europe

Awe Studio wasn’t just born out of nowhere. Our storytelling agency is actually an offshoot of Are We Europe — an award-winning media outlet founded in 2017. Are We Europe publishes border-breaking journalism by and for young Europeans by harnessing the talent of the 700+ storytellers in its network.

Our team

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Stijn Frankfoorder

Founder & Director

Anneleen Ophoff


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Kyrill Hartog

Founder & Director of Creative Strategy

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Mick ter Reehorst

Founder & Business Developer

Eddie Stok

Visual Strategist

Gleb Bondarenko

Head of Marketing

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Giliam Ganzevles

Digital and UX Designer

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Malena Rachals

Communications Coordinator

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Koh Okuno

Project Manager


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